Thursday, 5 January 2012

      Right now, especially where I live, we are in the midst of some pretty dark days, also known as winter. Now, I love winter, and weather that's dark and gloomy is the best kind, however after feeling like I've been living in a cave for the past 2 months, going to work in the dark, working in a windowless cubicle, and then going home in the dark, can definately take its toll. At first it was comfortable, now it's causing me to grow both weary and restless at the same time, and lately I have begun to "crave" sunshine. I often find myself reminiscing, and looking forward to, those fresh spring mornings, feeling the new winds comb my hair and revive my spirit. I especially look forward to the sunsets. Those hazy summer evenings sitting on the patio, studying the sky and watching the colors change from light blue to pink, from gold to purple, and back to royal blue until finally the depth of night takes over and the stars pay their visit. I dream about those sunsets and how they never fail to inspire me and even make me feel like I can fly; anything feels possible with a beautifully painted sky.

      I had never had hope of seeing a sunset anytime soon, until yesterday. I got on the bus to go home, as usual, and began to read. There was nothing that prompted me to look outside, the only thing I would see is my own reflection. But I looked, and there I saw, unexpectantly, a small glimpse of the first sunset of the season. It was small and soon vanished behind the trees, but I would not let my eyes stray from that light until it was no longer in sight.

       Now, there is hope. It's still dark, it's still cold, I still live in a frozen tundra that is at times feels like the most depressing place ever, but there's still hope. It's a reminder that everything will be ok, that dreams come true. That I'm not alone. That I can still go places. This is my determination: to never take another sunset for granted. To always take a minute and appreciate the gift that God has given me. I need that inspiration. My spirit needs that revival.

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