Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I wish I could be one of those inspiring people. You know, the ones who always say the best things when needed, and say it simply; they know that inspiration does not always come in the form of grand speeches spoken from great heights with drums and various wind instruments playing in the background. Sometimes, inspiration comes silently. Like the sun peeking through the fog, it's sudden, swift, but for a moment it gives life and a new perspective; a momentary transformation to that which was bland a moment ago.

Sometimes, it's not words that are inspirational, it's our actions that follow. It's how we live our lives once we are done speaking.

I can be encouraging, at least that's what I was told by a spiritual gift test one time. I can tell people that money doesn't matter. I can encourage them not to worry about tomorrow and to follow their dreams, no matter who tries to discourage them. I tell them this because I believe it. I tell them these things because I want that for their lives. I also want it for my life, but do I live it out? Nothing inspires me more than to see people chasing their dreams. To stand against all odds and all oppression and triumph over it.

But do I chase mine?

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